HI-Inka Pacha

Lake Titicaca - Island of Sun, Copacabana

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HI-Inka Pacha


Overview of Hostel

Out on the holy Isla del Sol (Island of the Sun) in the Titicaca Lake, Hostelling International Bolivia presents in YUMANI the new HI-Hostel Inka Pacha.

Reaching the top of the island after having climbed the famous Inca Stairs from the South Port (1.5 hours by boat from Copacabana - last bo

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By bus from La Paz (Bolivia) or Puno(Peru) daily to Copacabana - then by boat 1,5 hours to the South Port of Sun Island - and just up the stairs! - last boat each day at 13:30pm..

Located near

Located out in the lake Titicaca near the South Port in the village of Yumani, a steep climb up the old Stone stairs - and than an incredible view to the snow-peaked Andes - lovely trekking to all Inca sites, ruins and museums - boat trip to Moon Island

Conditions & Policy

No Curfew

A new building on the island's most beautiful spot - just above the Inca Virgins Stairs and the Inca Fountain ! Amazing sunrise view over the lake Titicaca and the snow peaked Andes from your hostel rooms. Cancellation policy 24 hours